Commando Cobra

Wicked street fighter with fists of zap


Out of the shadows, Commando Cobra comes. She is a bit tight lipped about her past, but there is one thing that’s obvious, Cobra’s fighting style oozes of magical enhancements, and she is not afraid to show it. Showboat…maybe a little, but she does it with purposes.

If there is a fight that’s going to take place in the material plane, she wants to be in the front line making sure those who are not involved don’t fall victim…and…

Cobra Commando is out on her own and enjoys her independence so much so that she wants to make sure self preservation including lifestyle is not disturbed. She makes herself an integral part of runs she finds worthwhile to these purposes.

Ninja….kinda, but not quite, weapons enthusiast….heck yeah!


Commando Cobra
Metatype: Human, caucasian female
Age 28, 5’6" 140
Brawling Adept, Initiate Grade 1

Body- 5
Agility- 5
Reaction- 5(6)
Strength- 5
Willpower- 3
Logic- 3
Intuition- 3
Charisma- 3
Edge- 4

Limits: Physical- 7, Mental- 4, Social- 5
Essence: 6.0 Magic Resonance 5
Initiative 8 (9) + 1 (2) d6
Composure: 6, Judge Intentions: 6, Memory: 6, Lift/Carry: 10
Movement: w-10, r-20, special: +2 meters/hit


Bilingual: English, Mandarin
Natural Athlete
Double jointed
Code of Honor
Astral Beacon

Commando Cobra

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