Major Payne/Yana Petrova

Street Doc, Fugitive, allegiant to Yakuza


street_doctor.jpgMajor Payne is a gnome Neoteny living in Seattle with a bone to pick with the Vory….a small but growing Russian crime syndicate. She used to have a license to practice medicine; however, she was known for her tech savviness and a lab rat married to her work when she worked in Russia making her a prime target by the Vory. Major Payne declined their recruitment offer.

Then, Major Payne was a victim of being in the “wrong place in the wrong time” discovering a drug deal gone bad during one of her black market exploits tracking down the latest video games developed in the United States. There was a firefight and a child was caught in the crossfire. Major Payne tried to save the child, but the young girl bled out, and Major Payne was wrongly convicted of her murder. She successfully hacked into the guard drone database and was able to get all drones to “look the other way” as she walked out of prison and has been living a low profile ever since…catching a freighter to the US landing in Seattle and setting up shop.

Deciding she needed help hiding away from the Vory, Major Payne begins to work for the Yakuza as a street doc and develops a proper rapport with them. The Yakuza liked Major Payne’s work so much that the crime syndicate purchased Anton’s Italian Diner to serve as a front for her back alley clinic which she uses on a regular basis when she is not running with the GMC Bulldog which serves as her mobile hospital.

Major Payne still has an enemy outside of the Vory, a Lone Star Operative who was blamed for Major Payne’s escape and is tracking Major Payne on an extracurricular basis.


Major Payne/Yana Petrova

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