Bellevue is one of the “better” neighborhood in Seattle, housing high-payed white-collar elite, living in walled, gated and guarded communities.


Bellevue is bordered by Lake Washington to the west and Lake Sammamish to the east. Rolling hills and lakes are common, but there are relatively few remaining forests, as most of the ground is build up.

Eastern border with Redmond Barrens is heavily patrolled, and partially walled up.


The district is also home to many of the metroplex’s wealthy citizens, who will shell out a lot of cred to keep their homes private and well-protected.


In 2048 mayor Tian C. Campbell was elected. He has been accused of too close ties to the United Corporation Council.


Most corporations in Bellevue maintain a lower profile than the gleaming glass and chrome towers of the Downtown district.

Ares Macrotechnology, Microdeck, Gaeatronics, and Global Technologies are headquartered here.

A number of computer research and production facilities are present here.


  • Bellevue Hilton – Luxury hotel
  • Bellevue Sleep & Eat – Cheap hotel, owned by the Phantom Lake Seoulpa Ring


  • Bellevue Crab House – Medium restaurant, sea cuisine
  • Ezell’s Southern Accent – Small restaurant, Confederate (southern) cuisine
  • Mogul, The – Large restaurant, Indian cuisine
  • Silver Fools – Small restaurant

Bars & Nightclubs

  • Bellevue Poor House – Bar, Friday Night Fights and Tuesday night Sloppy Soy Wrestling
  • Gates Casino – Casino, built by Charles Gates, father of Microdeck’s current CEO


  • Bellevue Art Museum – Pacific coast art
  • Bellevue Square – Shopping mall, two nightclubs; Angel’s Express ( Yakuza) and the Dragon’s Roar ( Mafia)
  • Main Place Arcade – Shopping mall, bias against metahumans, possible Humanis ties
  • Thomas Vintners – Seattle’s only winery

Government Buildings

  • Bellevue Correctional Facility – Aka “the Brickyard,” where felons are sent to be rehabilitated. Makes use of state-of-the-art simsense techniques
  • Bellevue District Courthouse – Courthouse
  • Bellevue District Hall – Government building


  • Ares Macrotechnology Seattle
  • Bob’s Beer Factory – Bar and body shop run by “Doctor” Carl Phang
  • Cavilard Research Center
  • DeGear’s Electronics – Electronics shop and black-market body shop
  • Renraku Research Compound
  • Gaeatronics Mountain
  • Global Technologies
  • Microdeck Industries

Medical Facilities

  • Cougar Mountain Hospital – Small hospital
  • Overlake Medical Research Center – Largest hospital in Bellevue, specializes in studying pollution- related cancers and regeneration techniques


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