Seattle Downtown is a major cultural center of the town. Its full of shops, hotels, cinemas, and such.

Formerly the city Seattle, USA. Now located in Seattle State, UCAS.

Downtown Seattle is where things are happening. The hub of the metroplex, this district is the home of many of the major corporations and government factions likely to employ shadowrunners. Downtown also has the plex’s trendiest nightclubs and places to see and be seen.


Downtown is fairly compact compared to other city centers on the West Coast because of its geographical situation: hemmed in on the north and east by hills, on the west by the Elliott Bay, and on the south by reclaimed land that was once tidal flats.

Major neighborhoods: Arcology Commercial and Houcing Enclave (ACHE, formerly the Renraku Arcology), Ballard, Capitol Hill, Council Island, Elven District, International District, Ork Underground, Queen Anne Hill, Interbay and Magnolia Bluff, Seattle Center, University District.


The 2048 elections saw the rise of mayor Ivar J. Lindstorm.


Downtown accounts for about half of Seattle’s economy, primarily in the form of the site of corporate headquarters, retail, tourism and transport.


A number of major Seattle’s cultural institutions are present here – museums, event halls, prominent bars, clubs and restaurants, and so on.



  • Chez Ogino – Family-style hotel
  • Gates Undersound Hotel – Luxury hotel
  • Hotel Nikko – Luxury hotel
  • Laubenstein Plaza – Luxury hotel
  • Lucas Palace – Luxury hotel
  • Mayflower Park Hotel – Family-style hotel, late ’90s antique appearance
  • New Century Square Hotel – Luxury hotel. The owner, Bermard Siminch, is a mage with a penchant for practical jokes.
  • Seattle Hilton – Luxury hotel, bias against orks and trolls
  • Stouffer-Madison Hotel – Family-style hotel
  • Warwick Hotel – Luxury hotel
  • West Coast Hamlin Hotel – Family-style hotel, green/nature theme
  • Westin Hotel – First-class hotel
  • Wylie’s Gala Inn – Family-style hotel, 1930s film noir decor, Mafia controlled


  • A Little Bit O’ Saigon – Small restaurant, Vietnamese cuisine, ties with the Red and Yellow Seoulpa Ring
  • Big Rhino – Large restaurant, ork cuisine
  • Bosco’s
  • Cafe Sport
  • Damian’s – Large “meat-and-potatoes” family restaurant, Humanis Policlub ties
  • Elliot’s – Large restaurant, French-soy cuisine, bias against humans (just not exotic enough)
  • The Edge
  • The Eye of the Needle
  • Fredie’s Salmon Eatery
  • Glass Onion – Large restaurant, Japanese cuisine
  • Gracie’s for Ribs
  • Gravity Bar – Medium restaurant, Manhattan cuisine, trendy and expensive
  • Gray Line, The – Large restaurant, sits in Puget Sound, with a glass wall showing underwater during high tide
  • Green Village – Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine
  • The Gray Line
  • Green Village
  • Icarus Descending – Medium restaurant, high class elven cuisine, ties to the Triads
  • Knutson’s Country Home – Medium restaurant, 20th century all-natural cuisine
  • Lee Chee Garden – Small restaurant, Chinese cuisine. The owner, Eric Wong, is rumored to be a sorcerer.
  • Ling Ho – Medium restaurant, Chinese/Japanese cuisine, controlled by the Yakuza
  • Marcus’ Hovel – Medium restaurant, fine seafood
  • Maximillion’s
  • Miner’s Landing – Medium restaurant, Seattle historical dinner threater
  • Murphy’s Law – Small bar/restaurant, seedy and disreputable but serves great pizza
  • Nukit Burgers – The first of many Nukit Burgers in Seattle
  • Nyen Lang – Medium restaurant, Tibetan and Mongolian cuisine, features a nightly magic show
  • Ohgi-Ya – Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine, Yakuza controlled
  • Other Place, The – Oldest and most popular four star restaurant in Seattle
  • Pink Door – Fast food, small bar located next to a bakery serving meat pies, gyoza, eclairs and cakes
  • The Purple Haze
  • Red Sergio – High-class restaurant featuring Eastern European fare.
  • Reno’s – Medium restaurant, Sioux, Pueblo and Aztlan cuisine. The owner, Reno Pyatt, is a former combat biker.
  • Run Run Shaw’s – Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine, Yakuza controlled
  • Takuri’s
  • Tam’s Under the Needle – Small restaurant, no-frills, in the shadow of the Space Needle
  • You Should not eat so much!

Bars & Nightclubs

  • Alabaster Maiden – Nightclub, named for Gabriella Dematto, a mage who petrified herself in a magical backfire. Her statue decorates the club.
  • Club Penumbra – one of the most classiest (and classic) clubs in the city
  • Cutting Edge – Nightclub, sleazy strip bar
  • Dante’s Inferno – another classy and popular place
  • Goliath’s – A high class bar/nightclub that caters to Orks and Trolls.
  • The Gravity Bar
  • Infinity
  • Laubenstein Plaza
  • Matchstick’s
  • Pier 62
  • Psychadelic Pirate – Nightclub, loud music and fresh talent, popular with the young and Awakened
  • The Pink Door
  • Seward Club – Casino
  • The SPORTS Bar – best sports bar in the metroplex, Mafia controlled
  • Sybrespace – Nightclub, neon lights and pounding rhythms, popular with deckers
  • Transcendent – A trendy downtown nightclub that caters to professionals.


  • Aurora Village – Shopping mall, 200 shops
  • Bagley Wright Theater – Home of the Seattle Repertory Theater
  • Center House – Shopping mall, 10 stories of shops
  • Downtown Library – Main public library
  • Evergreen Kingdom – Amusement park in Seattle Center
  • Exhibition Hall – Convention center
  • Freeway Park
  • Northgate Mall – Home of the Play Fair nightclub, the last Concrete Dreams venue
  • Omnidome
  • Opera House
  • Pike Place Farmer’s Market – Shopping mall, large open-air marketplace
  • Renton Mall – Shopping mall
  • Seattle Aquarium – Focused on the sea life of Puget Sound and the study of paranatural sea creatures. Admission: 6¥ (adults), 3¥ (children, students and seniors)
  • Seattle Art Museum Pavillion – Museum holding a large collection of local and Salish art
  • Seattle Coliseum – Convention center and sports arena
  • Seattle Convention and Trade Center – Convention center, huge and multi-leveled
  • Seattle University – University, ivy-covered campus and a celebrated Magical Studies program
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – Airport, 39 airlines, two floors, security provided by Lone Star and corporate security divisions
  • Space Needle
  • University of Washington – Oldest university in the Pacific Northwest, celebrated computer sciences program
  • YMCA – Health club (Yeah, right…)

Government Buildings

  • Federal Building
  • Metroplex Hall – (AKA the Charles Royer Building)
  • Metroplex Prison – Harland Grotem, warden
  • Metroplex Supreme Court
  • UCAS Post Office – Main sorting station


  • Aztechnology Pyramid
  • Dassurn Securities and Investments
  • Federated Boeing Field – Small-aircraft field
  • Federated Boeing Offices
  • Federated Boeing Shipyards
  • Ingersoll and Berkley Tower
  • Lone Star Security Building – Blue pyramid-shaped building housing Lone Star’s executive and business offices, 20 subsurface levels
  • McKuen’s Scrap and Salvage Yard – A continual eyesore amid the splendor of downtown, but an excellent source for parts
  • Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Complex
  • Novatech Compound
  • Renraku Arcology
  • University of Washington
  • Weapons World – Two floors of guns, guns, guns
  • Wuxing Towers

Medical Facilities

  • Executive Body Enhancements – Body shop
  • Fast Freddie’s Surgery – Body shop hidden below Freddie’s Salmon Eatery on the pier
  • Harborview Hospital – Specializing in burn and emergency medicine
  • Health Maintenance Organization – Built and owned by several local health-insurance corporations
  • MCT Public Health Hospital – Owned by Mitsuhama
  • Nightengale’s Body Parts – Small private hospital and Fuchi cyberware clinic
  • Seattle General Hospital – Declared a national landmark in 2048
  • University Hospital – Teaching hospital known for transplant and cyberware research


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