Everett is the northern district of the Seattle Metroplex. The Everett Naval Ship Yards are located there.

Everett is similar to its “sister city,” Tacoma. Both are important ports with busy waterfronts, and are also important centers of organized crime in Seattle.


To the north Everett is bounded by the lands of Salish-Shidhe Council, on the west by Puget Sound, and on the east and south by Snohomish.



  • Everett Gala Inn – Family-style hotel, black market connections
  • Everett Triple Tree Inn – Luxury hotel


  • Grand Attraction

Bars & Nightclubs

  • Dirty Rikki’s Mukiteo Speedway and Bar – a lore shop
  • Ebey’s Bar – Bar and shadowrunner hangout
  • Gravity Bar North – Medium restaurant, specializes in sea cuisine and celebrities
  • Jason’s Bar and Grill – Bar, Mafia front for a prostitution and gambling den
  • The Rubber Suit


  • Alderwood Mall – Shopping mall
  • Casino Corner – Casinos run by the Everett Mafia
  • Everett Beacon Mall – Shopping mall
  • Everett Community College – The site of considerable human/metahuman tension,
  • Lynwood Library – large (Rating 6) hermetic library
  • Mukliteo City Park – Park close to Puget Sound, haven for local chipheads at night

Government Buildings

  • Darrington Correction Facilities – Maximum security prison
  • Everett District Courthouse – Courthouse complex
  • Everett District Hall – Government offices
  • Seattle Ferry Terminal – The seedy bars near the terminal are often hangouts for local street muscle


  • Bicson Biomedical
  • Dadson Vision Entertainments
  • Everett Naval Shipyards
  • Federated Boeing Everett Facility
  • Hajek’s Computers – Store selling computers, electronics, cyberdecks, software, and accessories
  • Independent Information Network Building
  • Ingersoll and Berkley Soy Processing
  • Intercorp Express is a private shipping company located in Everett. They specialize in moving small shipments between locations by land sea and air quickly (AKA, smuggling). They seem to do enough legitimate business to pass muster with the authorities. Sampson runs his smuggling operations out of here.
  • Kennedy’s Cheap Electronics – Store and body shop, Mafia ties
  • Thomas Lake Mining and Oil – Dwarf-run mining company that owns valuable mineral rights along Thomas Lake

Medical Facilities

  • Billing’s Medical Services – Highway Hospital
  • Everett General Hospital – Hospital
  • Everett Naval Hospital – Open to the public
  • Travis Memorial – Hospital, excellent burn-care and cancer treatment departments, makes heavy use of magical healing.


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