Fort Lewis

Fort Lewis or Fort Lewis Military Reservation houses the Seattle Metroplex Guard, McChord Airfield and UCAS Army Pacific Command. It’s a major UCAS training base, and houses many military and military related personnel, projects and affiliates.

In some ways Fort Lewis functions as extraterritorial property, but under the control of the UCAS military instead of a megacorporation.

This district is also known for large number of wilderness areas.


Fort Lewis is bordered by Tacoma to the north, Puyallup to the east, Puget Sound to the west, and Salish-Shidhe Council to the south.


Fort Lewis is sparsely populated.


This district is governed by a military appointed official. Since 2045 the District Mayor was Col. Winston Gajeway. By 2060 he was replaced by Col. Colloton.


Fort Lewis economy is centered around catering to its military garrison.


Nature preserves is the primary cultural attraction of the area.


  • Fort Lewis Visitor’s Quarters – Family style hotel
  • Parkland Gala Inn – Family style hotel


  • Angela’s – Italian
  • Big “O” – Seedy strip bar, shadowrunner presence is common
  • Golden Soy – Chinese
  • Shy Giant – Sioux

Bars & Nightclubs

  • Drunken Non-Com – Nightclub, popular with military types but does not admit trolls, possible Yakuza connections
  • Lost Unicorn – Bar, said to be haunted by the ghost of a unicorn run over in the street outside
  • The Terrible Taps – Medium restaurant and bar, corporate security people come here to get tanked after work


  • Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens
  • McChord Airfield Visitors Center
  • Pacific University – University, best known for music and magic theory programs
  • Parkland Mall – Shopping mall, frequent discounts for soldiers

Government Buildings

  • Fort Lewis District Hall and Metroplex Headquarters – Government offices
  • Fort Lewis Stockades – UCAS military prison
  • Urban Combat Simulator – UCAS military training complex


  • Miller-Forest Computers – Illegal deck shop

Medical Facilities

  • Fort Lewis Sauna and Holistic Rest Center – Spa and illegal body shop
  • Madigan Army Hospital -
  • McChord Hospital – Emergency military aid services

Fort Lewis

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