Goliath’s is a high-class bar that caters to orks and trolls, the only such place in the Downtown district of Seattle. Other meta-races are not as welcome, though there are those who have made themselves welcome with the usual patrons. There is a stage for live music and a large dance area. Goliath’s has private rooms in the back for patrons who do not want to be disturbed.

Goliath’s is run by a troll who is known as Goliath. Goliath has a beef with Humanis Policlub, who tried to blow up his club on opening night. He avoided it with the help of a handful of shadowrunners.

Goliath’s is a favored hangout for Shift, an elf shadowrunner and information broker. Shift is a masterful grifter, a talented fighter and has a decent grasp of technology and a wide variety of contacts. Shift is one of the runners responsible for saving Goliaths and he is hugely respected by the patrons.

Lan is also a frequent flyer at Golaths. He is a surged human (with rabbit features). Lan is a pistol jockey with a uncanny talent for hacking and a smart mouth. Lan has a small social circle, but that circle has massive influence. Lan is the other runner responsible for saving Goliath’s and commands the respect of all of the regular patrons.


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