Puyallup also known as Puyallup Barrens is a district of Seattle, devastated by the Mount Rainier eruption decades ago. It is a poor and unsafe district.

Where Redmond is a nightmare of urban decay and gang violence, Puyallup is a post-disaster landscape reshaped by the violent forces of nature and abandoned by most of civilization. Metahuman communities and squatter settlements struggle to survive without many essentials such as power, clean water and proper waste disposal. Fine ash from Mount Rainier falls over parts of Puyallup like dirty, gray snow.


Puyallup is the largest district of Seattle. In the north it borders Auburn, in the south and east, the lands of Salish-Shidhe Council.

It’s major landmarks include the Mowich Lawa Flow and the Puyallup River.


Puyallup City is the only place inside the Puyallup Barrens where something like government still exists. It is kept alive by money brought in by the Mob and Lone Star is present there.

Roy Olmstead has been the mayor of the district since early 2030s till 2050s.


Economy of the district is in a poor shape. Most businesses are either corp-owned, or fronts of organized crime.

Inside Puyallup Barrens there is the so-called “Loveland”, an amusement mile, where Mafia and Yakuza fight for the money the UCAS Army soldiers from Fort Lewis are willing to spend. Although there are some semi-stable squatter communities like the Crypt as well as the Carbonado ork community, who’s inhabitants are able to look after themselves. Tarislar, an elven enclave of exiled elves from Tir Tairngire, is also located inside the Puyallup district. The locals there pay Knight Errant to patrol the streets of Tarislar and the elven Laésa syndicate has its roots there.

A good place to buy illegal goods inside the Puyallup Barrens is the Crime Mall, a giant black market in the shell of an old shopping mall.


  • Loveland Bump & Sleep – Family-style hotel, Mafia-owned brothel
  • Puyallup Lodge – Family-style hotel


  • Bishop’s Corpse, The – Medium restaurant and bar
  • Howling Good Time – Medium restaurant and country-and-western bar, strong bias against metahumans
  • Retirement, The – Medium restaurant and bar. The owner, Calvin Holdass, is a former metroplex employee who loves to dig up dirt on city officials.
  • Twenten’s – Small restaurant, soy cuisine, run by an elderly shaman named Jenny Twenten

Bars & Nightclubs

  • Armadillo, The – Bar, hot spot for local deckers, also a Mafia recruiting front
  • Loveland Quinn’s – Nightclub, frequented by soldiers from Fort Lewis
  • The Spirit Focus
  • Underworld 93


  • Crime Mall
  • Hell’s Kitchen

Government Buildings

  • McMillin Correction Facilities – Prison
  • Puyallup District Courthouse – Courthouse complex
  • Puyallup District Hall – Government offices


  • Black Junk Yards – Huge junk yard frequented by scavangers looking for useful parts
  • Kenston Aircraft Interiors – Airplane interiors for Federated Boeing
  • Petrowski Farm – Large and well-armed farm

Medical Facilities

  • Deireadh An Tuartheil – Hospital, medical center for the people of Tarislar; small, understaffed and undersupplied
  • Good Samaritan – The newest hospital in Puyallup


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