Seattle Mafia

The Seattle Mafia

The Mafia typically refers to La Cosa Nostra, the Italian Mafia, although the term is also applied to the various European ethnic crime syndicates (many of which were consumed by La Cosa Nostra, including the Polish, Irish, Jewish, Mexican, and Afro-Caribbean syndicates). The oldest player in North America, the Mafia is heavily embedded into Western culture, and thus, most people only know about the misconceptions of the Mafia that they learned from crime investigation shows and movies.

The Mafia is steeped in tradition and internal conflict. One of the main reasons that the Mafia is struggling against the increasing sphere of influence of foreign outfits (such as the Yakuza, the Triads, and the Vory) and new syndicates (such as the Seoulpa Rings and the Native American crime organizations) is the constant war between the regional Mafias, with each Capo trying to gain more influence and power. As they say in the Old World, “The Mafia is its own worst enemy.” The two most important traditions of the Mafia are omerta (silence) and rispetto (respect). You do not speak of the Mafia, and you are obligated to maintain the honor and respect of the Family.


The Finnigans are the ruling Mafia family of Seattle, UCAS. They are led by Donna Rowena O’Malley but daily business is conducted mostly by James Michael “Jimmy Mac” Finnigan.

Rowena O’Malley became Capa of Seattle after the former Capo, Maurice “Butcher” Bigio, was killed in 2070.

The Finnigans are most active in Downtown, Bellevue, Everett and are attempting to get a foothold in Snohomish.

Bellevue Locations

  • Dragons Roar

Downtown Locations

  • Whylie’s Gala Inn

Everett Loactions

  • Jasons Bar and Grill
  • Casino Corner
  • Kennedy’s Cheap Electronics

Snohomish Locations

  • Brier Hotel – Finnigans are trying to acquire this location.

The Gianellis are one of the three Mafia families operating in Seattle, UCAS. They are led by Don Joseph Gianelli.

The Gianellis used to be called “Bigios” but after the death of Don Maurice “Butcher” Bigio in 2070 control of the family was given to Joseph Gianelli who reorganized and renamed the family.

The Gianellis are mostly based in Tacoma, Puyallup, Auburn and Ft. Lewis.

Auburn Locations:

  • Stucks Bag-Your-Body

Fort Lewis

  • No known locations, but the Mafia is the source of many vices enjoyed by the military there.


  • Loveland Bump and Sleep
  • The Armadillo


  • This is the heart of conflict within organized crime. No one maintains a permanent location here because of the warfare.

The Ciarniellos are one of the three Mafia families operating in Seattle, UCAS. They are led by Don Vince “Numbers” Ciarniello who has delegated some fields (pornography and prostitution) to his son Caesar “Chrome” Ciarniello.

The Ciarniellos are relegated to Renton and Redmond.


  • Auburn General Hospital

*No known locations.

Seattle Mafia

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