Snohomish is one of Seattle’s districts.


Snohomish has large tracts of mountains, hills and woodlands, along with developed land controlled by agribusiness. It is a far cry from the steel towers and plastcrete canyons of the rest of Seattle.

The District of Snohomish is bounded on the northeast by the lands of the Salish-Shidhe, on the southeast by the District of Redmond, on the south by the northwest by the District of Everett. The Snohomish River and its tributaries meander through flat fertile lands in the eastern half of the district. Away from the river valleys, rolling hills dominate this peaceful district.


Snohomish is one of the most sparsely populated Districts. Seventy percent of the residents work outside of Snohomish, which makes commuter traffic quite heavy along every highway going in and out of the district.

Culturally, the district has German and Scandinavian heritage.


In 2048, Mike Walkstrong replaced Daniel Feddersen as the district’s mayor. One of the major elements of his time was reducing the influence of Humanis Policlub in the district. This continued through 2050s and 2060s.


Primarily agricultural. There is a conflict between major agribusinesses and small farm owners in the area.

  • Brier Hotel – Family-style hotel. Decaying old hotel the Mafia would like to buy out, but one of the sisters who owns it refuses to sell
  • Snohomish Sheraton – Luxury hotel


  • Brother Anatole – Small restaurant, Humanis Policlub hangout
  • Jay’s Boathouse – Medium restaurant, Salish cuisine
  • Purgatory – Medium restaurant and bar, popular with mystics, members only
  • Top Side – Medium restaurant, soy sea cuisine

Bars & Nightclubs

  • Bawdy Lass – Nightclub and bar


  • Blackstone’s Museum and Zoo of the Paranatural
  • Bothell Mall – Shopping mall
  • Lake Forest Park – Park, nighttime battleground between local human and metahuman gangs

Government Buildings

  • Snohomish District Courthouse – Courthouse complex
  • Snohomish District Hall – Government offices
  • Thrasher’s Correctional Facilities – Small prison


  • Berkley Soy Cuisines – Soy farm, owned by Ingersoll and Berkley
  • Edmonds Instruments – Precision aircraft and ship instruments
  • French W Ranch – Beef ranch, owned by a troll and hires only metahumans, frequent target of anti-meta groups
  • Green Nymph, The – Medium lore store, owned by an elf named Farshorn, who is a skilled magical and herbal healer
  • Ingersoll Aquaculture (aka Ingersoll and Berkley)
  • Kingsley Precision Metals – Rare alloys and metal parts
  • Snohomish Security Personnel – Small security firm
  • Snohomish Society Farm – Ultra-modern farm
  • VisionCrafters, Inc.

Medical Facilities

  • Mountlake Veterans Memorial – Hospital
  • Snohomish Medical Center – Hospital
  • Turner Clinic – Small hospital with a bad reputation


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