Arms Dealer


Claire started out as a small time arms dealer in Seattle until she met Shift and LAN a few years ago. She became one of their favored fences for arms when they were small fish. As they grew into bigger fish, they started bringing her experimental technology (high tech weapons and armor, microexplosives, etc.) which she managed to replicate and sell on her own. Since then, she has become a big fish, too.

Claire has access to bleeding edge gear, ammunition and explosives. The unique bit of technology she has are pill-sized gas grenades that she reverse engineered from stolen military technology.

Claire is not to be trifled with, she has top-notch gear, security and know-how. In addition, she has some very dangerous allies. Claire runs her operation out of a warehouse in the industrial sector of Auburn under the guise of a small shipping company (Express Freight LTD).



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