Grifter/Aspected Mage




Memories of her home land of Tir Na Nog are few the only one that stands out is the night her father came running into the house grabbing her. Telling her that they had to leave quickly before the queen’s men get there.

She remembers asking her father “where is mommy?”. The only answer she got was a sad tearful look.

Then all she remembers is traveling in cramped dirty vehicles cars, planes and boats….till they arrived in the UCAS. Where they met up with some “gypsies” that her father knew some how and became part of the “family”.

They traveled from place to place through out north america, scrounging, conning, trading…what ever it took to survive.

When her powers awoke when she was 13 the “family’s” mage (Merlin) took her as an apprentice but she was unable to preform most of the magic he tried to teach her. She is only able to preform sorcery with an aptitude for manipulation magic.

It was while traveling through Sioux that she gained her raven spirit mentor who helped her learn and cast her manipulation spells even stronger.

The next years went by fast and was a fun time for her. But that was shattered on day when their gypsy convoy was attacked by an armed group.

They were looking for her father but before they captured him he managed to give her a lock box and told her not to let the queen get it. Then he jumped out of the truck and attacked the attackers along with others “family” members (Merlin and Kilroy), giving her and the passengers is the truck time to escape.

They managed to make it to Seattle. Where they have split up and hide in the city waiting for news on the others.

They have tried to open the lock box but as of yet they are unable to it doesn’t even have a discernible way to open it and magic doesn’t work on it either.

She has been running street cons to survive but she needs more nuyen and skill if she hopes to find her father and fight the queen. So she works in the shadows…


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