Surged human hacker/pistol specialist


LAN is the disenfranchised son of the CEO of Mitsuhama who currently lives and works in Seattle. He is a masterful hacker and pretty wiz with a pistol as well. The most noticeable thing about LAN is the fact that he is SURGED, presenting with rabbit ears and a fluffy tail. LAN has made a mission out of messing with his estranged father and his business.

LAN has had a long-time friendship with Shift and Doc, they each owe the other their life more than once. One of his favored hangouts is Goliath’s, a high class troll and ork bar that he saved from destruction early in his career. LAN is well-respected at Goliath’s.

Those who know LAN a little might claim he has a lack of patience. Those who know LAN very well know that LAN is patient when he needs to be, but doesn’t screw around when action is needed (or if someone is very annoying). One of the easiest ways to get a hold of LAN is to leave a message at Goliath’s or though one of his contacts, as LAN is a ghost on the matrix.



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