Grifter, info broker, race manager


Shift has spent his time in Seattle carefully crafting an image as someone who can get anything done. He is a masterful grifter, capable fighter and has friends ranging from street thug to international power broker. Shift currently makes his living organizing street racing, gambling, fencing and trading in information using multiple layers of fake identities between runs. Very few people know Shift’s true identity or what he even looks like beyond the fact that he is an elf who is always dressed impeccably in expensive and perfectly tailored (armored) clothing, usually with a fashionable fedora or top hat.

The easiest way to contact Shift is to leave a message at Goliath’s, one of his favored haunts. Some of Shifts closest allies are LAN and Doc, who have been running the shadows with him since the beginning of his career.

Shift has known associations with the Triad, Claire (an arms dealer), Sampson (international smuggler), Lone Star, Goliath (proprietor of Goliath’s), and the list goes on.



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